SATURN2.5- Politechnika Krakowska

Nieautoryzowany dostęp!
Unautorized Access!


**** UWAGA ****

Dostep zabroniony!
Wszeklkie proby zlamania zasad uzytkowania serwera
podlegaja karze na mocy
K o d e k s u K a r n e g o RP,
Rozdzial XXXIII Przestepstwa przeciwko ochronie informacji
USTAWA z dnia 6 czerwca 1997 r. ze zm.

EN: This computer system is for authorized users only.
All activity is logged and regulary checked by systems personal.
Individuals using this system without authority or in excess
of their authority are subject to having all their services revoked.
Any illegal services run by user or attempts to take down
this server or its services will be reported to local
law enforcement, and said user will be punished to
the full extent of the law. Anyone using this system
consents to these terms.